Goan Venison Haunch in the campfire

Goan Venison Haunch in the campfire

We made this on holiday in the North West of Scotland.  We lit the fire on the beach nice and early to get it really hot.  You could also do this with a leg of lamb.  


1 venison haunch (or use lamb)

35g or 7 teaspoons of goan, bhuna, korma


1 campfire (!)


Mix the spice pot of your choice with oil then rub all over the venison or lamb. Leave for a while if you can.  When the fire is hot, and not flaming, place the venison or lamb, wrapped fully in tin foil, on the fire or on a baking tray on top of the fire.  It will take 2-3 hours to cook! 

We were hungry by the time it was ready and we wolfed it down!  It was soft and falling apart and the best venison I've ever eaten.

Serve with carrot salad and our easy cous cous recipe.


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